L.A. Girl Cosmetics is a leading American Beauty Brand providing high-quality cosmetics at affordable pricing.

Add-On Beauty are a range of Dry Sheet Masks, using patented technology to transport active ingredients into the skin.

J. Cat Beauty is a fun and colourful American Beauty Brand providing

Declaré Skincare is the Beauty Specialist for Sensitive Skin. Made with the highest level of technology and ingredients from Switzerland

Juvena Skincare specialise in luxury anti-ageing skincare products. Anti-ageing specialist since 1954.

Rebeluna Cosmetics is an Irish Luxury Lash and Brush Brand. Delivering the highest quality brushes on the market.

about us.

Kare Cosmetics Ltd was set up in 2017 and distributes the most sought-after brands within Ireland. We take pride in our ability to provide on-trend, high-quality brands and in our ability to support these brands and our customers in Ireland. 



With our highly experienced sales team, innovative marketing, and social media team we provide rounded support and unrivaled dedication in the success of our brands in Ireland. We work extremely closely with both our suppliers and customers. 

If you are interested in stocking any of the brands we distribute - L.A. Girl Cosmetics, J. Cat Beauty and/or Kokie Cosmetics - please email 



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